CMC Global Symposia for Church and Lay Leaders

Conflict is inevitable. Some would say it is prevalent in our culture today – digital, political, generational, linguistic etc. Naturally, conflict occurs in our churches too. The most common reason missionaries return from the field is because of conflict with other missionaries. [1]

What is the future of the Chinese-Immigrant church’s involvement in the Great Commission if we do not know how to avoid these and other consequences of unresolved conflict? What if we saw conflict as an opportunity to know others and be known better?

Join the conversation as we discuss how to use Biblical principles, within our cultural context, to resolve our disagreements. The goal is not to avoid quarrels, but to address them in a way that takes a hindrance and makes it a strength, propelling effective ministry.


Jia Jiang

Rejection Therapy


Jolene Kinser

Chinese Peace-Making Specialist

Pastor’s Panel:

Frank Liu

China Evangelical Seminary NA

Angie Piau

Chinese Church of Metro South Boston

Ed Jiang

Chinese Bible Church of Maryland


Additional Resources

Empowering the next generation of leaders is vital for the present and future of our churches. But how can we cross the cultural and generational gaps to raise up young leaders effectively? A panel of experienced Chinese and English ministry leaders will engage in a dynamic conversation with valuable insights on overcoming challenges and adopting best practices to nurture tomorrow’s church leaders.

Hugo Cheng Senior Pastor CBCM

Dorothy Lau Youth Director CBCM

Sandy M. Liu

NextGen Pastor


Tsun En Lu DRC Director AFC

Xinpeng Wang

Intern Minister


Understanding Gen Z 

Dr. Joy Cheng’s slides

Every new generation is the future of the church and each one is uniquely gifted.  Joy Cheng, (Director of Programming, FEBC), speaks on the distinctive characteristics of Gen Z.  Tsun-en Lu (Campus Ministry, Ambassadors for Christ) and Andrew Feng (US Director, Indigitous) give responses from an OBC and ABC perspective, followed by a time of Q&A.  How will God use this new generation to expand His kingdom and reach the world? What obstacles do they face? How can we work together to equip them for their future roles?  Dr. Cheng’s last slide has additional resources.

Joy Cheng

Tsun-en Lu

Andrew Feng

Bringing the Generations Together 

Rev. Sandy Liu’s slides
Rev. Hugo Cheng’s slides

An engaging discussion on how we can bring the generations together. We need the whole church to reach the whole world. Seasoned leaders in ministry Rev. Sandy Liu (English and Youth Ministries, RCCC) and Rev. Hugo Cheng (Senior Pastor, CBCM) speak about ways to build bridges between the generations in the ministry setting. Rev. Enoch Liao (Assistant Pastor, BCEC) will help to moderate the discussion. What will it take to bring the generations together?  Each church is unique in its own situation; different approaches will be discussed. It is our hope that this conversation will continue after the symposium.

Rev. Sandy Liu

Rev. Hugo Cheng

Rev. Enoch Liao