What is the Chinese Mission Convention?

CMC is dedicated to empowering individuals and churches to reach the world for Christ. Since its beginning in 1983, CMC has been attended by over 50,000 people. Numerous churches, organizations, and individuals have been empowered and mobilized for God’s mission.

The vision and focus of CMC does not end with the close of the convention. AFC is committed to working with a variety of churches, individuals, faculty, and organizations to follow up on the progress and special needs of those who dedicate their lives to full-time ministry.

The Next Step Ministry

The Next Step ministry is part of CMC’s post-conference ministry. Conference attendees may have felt God’s calling at CMC and you might be wondering how to take the next step. The Next Step ministry is here to walk alongside you and help you to become disciple makers throughout the year. We invite you to join the Next Step ministry!

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Keeping Life in Leadership

Keeping Life in Leadership is a 3 part special series to support pastors and church leaders and part of CMC’s leadership track. Keeping Life in Leadership focuses on the mental and spiritual health of pastors and church leaders, so that they can be better equipped to serve their churches. We invite you to keep in leadership!

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